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I'm fairly new to uh, the blog game. I have a tumblr as shown above but It's mainly just me reblogging stuff I like I guess? Here is where the real rants will go.. So yeah.


Hey! I'm Elizabeth, otherwise known as Bug or Eli. (Bug to close friends and Relatives) I'm 21 years old, and I like to hang out and not really do stuff. I play video games and all that jazz, but yeah. Html is pretty weird. Just gonna feel my way around in the dark, I guess. Look up help when I really want/need it. Other than that, It seems easy enough. I plan to post at least once a dayy, But who knows if I'm too busy, and I have no idea how to tell if anyone really checked this out? Whatever.


Hey, It's me again. Just woke up at like 6 in the morning, that's great. I'll keep this site posted in case anything interesting happens, or not. Maybe I'll just talk about how boring my day was.. Just now I was playing some Medievil. It's a really great old game I played as a kid. I'll probably put a picture of the game just below...Or not because I'm not great at knowing how to do things in html... and It's just ending up right next to the chat box. Screw it.

Look It up yourself!


Heyo, did you all hear about the shooting in Orlando? It makes me glad I live in the northwest, I guess, but uh. It's not cool to shoot people, mkay? If people could stop doing the hate crimes, that'd be great. But yeahh...Just hearing stuff like this gets me really down. I've been around lgbtq+ people all my life, and I can't imagine why someone would want to hurt someone just for being different. I mean REALLY? I guess I can, though. Whenever ducklings hatch that are different, the rest of the Normal ducklings peck at that one until it dies, so I guess it's part of nature, but that's no excuse. If we followed our nature, I don't think that we'd be where we are today. But um, rant over.


Wow its been a while, huh? basically more than a year. Well not basically, it has been more than a year. Oh how time flies.